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Smoked Bacon

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Smoked Bacon


The smoked bacon is very popular food to cook itself and also cook with various vegetables in home cooking, group catering service like school, airline, food provider and whole sale market. Excellent for Snack, side dish as well as topping. available in the length of 20cm, 30cm and also economical packing bacon.

  • Packing : 1kg/pack, 10packs/box.
  • Storage : frozen storage
  • Expire date : 1 years from production date.


We provided a principle.
We, Yukhwawon, produce quality and safe products that are strictly controlled by our quality control system from incoming raw material to final products delivery in every single process of production. With the help of our incoming raw material inspection system, we vitalize the tastes of meat itself and add our own technology to the cooking method that has made us the most favorite choice of products among our customers. All factories and production line of Yukhwawon have achieved the HACCP certification and have been operating and manufacturing our products under regulation of HACCP. We are also proud of making the best and highest quality food in the name of Yukhwawon.